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The Inquizition Virtual Pub Quiz - Buy Tickets Now

The weekly Inquizition Virtual Pub Quiz on Zoom has arrived! It’s live every Sunday at 8pm. There are more details below, and links to buy tickets for the next few weeks.

It’s a cross between our popular ‘physical’ pub quiz and a TV quiz show… where YOU and your team get to be the contestants.

The free version of the Inquizition Virtual Pub Quiz ran on Facebook Live for 16 weeks during lockdown (check out the taster reel), but with the pubs opening again it was nearly time to sign off one last time (and say goodbye to the celebrity lamp family: Lenny & Lena, plus the lamplings Frank and Christine).

However, thousands of people had been tuning in each week, and many were asking us to carry on after lockdown. So… here it is!

We’re charging just £2.50 per screen, priced low in the hope that teams made up of multiple households will buy a login each rather than sharing a single feed. 

This is a completely different set of questions to anything else available at the shop or in the pubs.

See you Sunday!

“Best virtual quiz available.” – Steve N, Oxford

“The highlight of our week!” – Amanda C, Glasgow

“Great questions, great host.” – Lisa P, Taunton

A little taster...


Day: Every Sunday

Time: 8pm

Duration: 90 mins

Format: 2 rounds of 20 questions, including pictures, mystery voices, TV themes/musicals (or similar), and a music round in the middle.

Price: £2.50 (unique login – only works for one screen)

Things you’ll need: Pen, piece of paper, many drinks.

Answer Sheet Sample