Brutal Quiz 001

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This is a pretty notorious quiz, and certainly not for the faint-hearted.

I first wrote this for an evening at The Railway, Streatham Common, billed as the ‘BRUTAL QUIZ’. I wanted to create a quiz that contained no pop culture, no music round, no sport, no picture round… just 100 really chunky general knowledge questions to test the most hardened of quizzers.

When I arrived at the venue I couldn’t believe my eyes – the room was full of the country’s quizzing luminaries. Word had got round and there were no fewer than 6 Mastermind champions present. Paul Sinha’s team won in the end with 93/100, which, when you see the questions, will probably make you cry. A team that often won the regular Tuesday night quiz at The Railway got 24/100.

You have been warned.

(Comes with a version of the questions without the answers so the question reader can join in, and 4 separate team answer sheet files for rounds 1-4)

Passed Verification Control: 24.03.20

Passed A Room Full of Quizzy Legends Without A Single Contestation: 17.11.16 

Answer Sheet Sample