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Here you can buy top-quality quizzes to play at home and over video call.

The ‘Weekly Quiz’ is presented in our pubs from Sunday to Thursday and then is published here on the shop on a Friday at midday.

There are loads of other quizzes too: Themed quizzes, sports quizzes, international quizzes… and weekly quizzes from the back catalogue that have been fully re-verified, updated and refreshed.

A version of the question sheet without the answers is also included, so the quizmaster can join in the fun if they like.

Included in every ‘Weekly Quiz’ purchase (other types may vary):
  • 2 rounds of varied questions – hand-picked and beautifully crafted.
  • Full-colour A4 picture round. Sample
  • ‘Spot-the-intro’ music round covering 7 decades of pop.
  • Mystery voices.
  • TV themes / musicals / film quotes, or similar.
  • 2 spot-prize questions (closest guess wins an extra point / free drink).
  • ‘Wipeout’ round.
  • Tie-breaker question.
  • Team answer sheet, both printable and screen-editable. Sample

Click here to subscribe to the weekly quiz. Set up a direct debit with GoCardless and the quiz will be delivered to your inbox every Friday at midday.

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