Private Quizzes


Private Quizzes

Charity Quiz Nights

We feel very strongly about supporting as many charity events as possible and therefore we supply quizzes and quizmasters at minimum cost.

First of all decide if you’ve got someone who can present the quiz competently and confidently – if the quiz is presented badly you’ll find it hard to sell tickets to the second one.

If you’ve got a good quizmaster you’ll just need to buy one of our charity quizzes which are designed specifically for the purpose – a kind of ‘best of’ compilation from previous weeks aimed at people who don’t normally do quizzes. It’s not that they’re easy… just accessible and easy to follow. They’re priced at £10 + VAT.

If you need a professional quizmaster to run the quiz, we can happily supply one for you. Get in touch to discuss details and price.

If you’re looking for a venue, we might be able to help with that too – we know a few! Just ask


Corporate Quiz Nights

We do dozens of quiz nights every year for companies looking for something a little different. Whether you’re organising a staff event or entertaining clients, a quiz can be great fun but also a good way for people to interact and get to know each other better.

Our corporate quizzes are tailored to suit you. We’ll make sure we know who our audience will be and ensure that it’ll be a slick, professional, hugely fun and entertaining show.


The Classic Pub Quiz

  • The latest ‘best of’ quiz – a greatest hits collection of questions aimed at being more fun than taxing.
  • Top quality, professional quizmaster. Comes with intelligent witty banter as standard.
  • Portable PA system and radio mic.
  • ‘Spot-The-Intro’ music round.
  • Mystery voices.
  • TV themes / musicals / film quotes or similar.
  • 2 spot-prize questions.
  • All printing, materials, and pens.
  • Any number of players.


Additional fun to be had (choose from the below when requesting a quote):

  • Creative round, e.g. Plasticine modelling on a theme.
  • Tasting rounds: cheese, herbs, crisp flavours, wine, whisky… whatever you like!
  • DJ set after the quiz.

Contact us for a quote or more information.

Just some of the companies that have chosen us:

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