Private Quizzes


Private Quizzes

We do dozens of private quiz nights every year for organisations looking for something fun and interactive. Whether it’s a staff social, client entertainment or a charity event, we do quizzes that everyone enjoys.

Our quizzes can be tailored to suit you. We’ll make sure we know who our audience will be and ensure that it’ll be a slick, professional, hugely fun and entertaining show. Here are some facts and figures:

  • ‘Highlights’ quiz – a greatest hits collection aimed at being more fun than taxing. Not too easy; not too hard.
  • Top quality, professional quizmaster, who comes with intelligent witty banter as standard.
  • All our own equipment – we can be 100% self-sufficient if required.
  • Plentiful copies of our legendary, beautiful, full-colour picture sheet.
  • Music round covering seven decades of bangers. Party tunes that will have people singing along.
  • Other great audio rounds like mystery voices, TV themes, musicals… plus the amazing mashups.
  • Two spot-prize questions.
  • All printing, materials, and pens provided.
  • Any number of players.
  • All questions fully verified and road-tested, so no awkward moments.
  • Our quizzes are not stuck in the past… or in the UK. All ages and nationalities will love it.
  • We recommend our regular two-hour quiz, but it can be shortened if required.
  • Bespoke questions – on a theme, or perhaps company-specific – can be included.

Additional fun to be had (if required):

  • Creative round, e.g. Plasticine modelling competition on a theme.
  • Tasting rounds: cheese, herbs, crisp flavours, wine, whisky… whatever you like!

Did I mention we supply and present quizzes for Which? (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that…)

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Just some of the companies that have chosen us:

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