About Us


About us

What We Do

We are a high-end pub quiz creator, operator and supplier based in London. We run dozens of weekly quiz nights in pubs across the capital, supply quizzes by email to pubs in the rest of the UK, and also specialise in charity and corporate events.

At the root of our success is the quiz itself. It takes over 50 hours to compile every week and we’re confident it is the best quiz available. People keep telling us it is!


Who We Are

Founder Alex and a fantastic team of over 60 talented quizmasters present the quizzes. Most are actors, musicians, and comedians: future (and in some cases present) stars of the stage and screen.

Alex, Neil and Ollie write the quiz every week. Rob is our in-house verifier – we’re convinced he’s actually a robot (The CorROBorator 3000). Nothing gets past him – he’ll verify every single answer is 100% correct and come up with alternative correct answers that only one in a thousand quizzers might think of. Neryhs helps with the graphic design and can make things look lovely that no-one else can.


Where it Started

Inquizition was born from a combination of Alex’s love of quizzing and a passion for entertainment, pubs, and socialising. Transforming the boring, stale pub quiz into an interactive, energetic show, he launched his first quiz at The Regent, Balham, in January 2011.


Where We’re Going

Whilst retaining the integrity of a proper pub quiz, we’re always looking for ways to improve our offering. Whether it’s through technology, design, or simply keeping the content fresh and exciting, we know that we have to innovate to remain the market leader in our field.